Hey , its me again.
This post has nothing to do with perspective !!!!! lol.

Today’s post is merely to inspire you to look at articles of fashion you own in a different light .A post to inspire You to mix & match and switch up your style .

BACK STORY : I bought this bracelet a year ago and never wore it once ,until now ,as a choker not a bracelet ,you would think that it would be uncomfortable as its not designed to go around a neck, I too was wrong,it fits perfectly.

While I was scrolling through the “GRAM”,as millennials do ,I came across a post from a Zambian Blogger :


check out her instagram :

Needless to say I fell in love with how effortless and fabulous her look is ,embodying every essence of being a magical black girl. Her minimal makeup look paired with gorgeous gold,bronze and brown hues

untitled-design-3 that scream African princess,drove me to dig up my bracelet,switch it up and go ham with my beautifying tools lol

As I am on my quest to inspire you,she has inspired me significantly – hence trying to recreate her effortless makeup look. Enjoy.

Be fearless.Be you.Stay magical.

Love Zee.



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