Mac -Mineralize Skin Finish-Gold Deposit


MAC Have been Doing so well with their Mineralize Skin finishes. After over a year of hype about them people are still loving them and now the Extra Dimensions. Gold Deposit  was one MSF that seemed to be on everyone’s lips. I checked it out on the website and completely fell in love with this wearable jewel,sadly that is where my affair with it ended #brokestudentlife.


By the grace of GOD one I was gifted with this gem by a very special woman in my life, thank you Pastor Mulenga XoX0.

Gold Deposit is a Gold Glittery skin finish that looks beautiful as a bronzer on light- medium skin tone and a highlight are dark/deep skin tones. Being in-between NC44 & NC 45 it looks amazing as a highlight against my skin . I love it.


We all know MAC packaging. Sleek and simple. I’m happy they kept the  MSF range in the normal compact powder packaging. I feel it helps with the fall out a lot as well. It has the normal clear top so you can see the color through it and the packing is nice and sturdy do I hope it won’t be breaking any time soon.

price :£24.00
Isn’t a bad price for the’re paying for the name MAC,the quantity and I can not lie it is a high quality product.

Not to forget it will last you a long time,you only need very little and with the right brush and right technique this will last you a life time


Yes!!!! There no question about it (ONCE THIS ONE RUNS OUT )

Anyone out there own Gold Deposit?
Let me know how your finding it?




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  1. Really want to try this

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    1. Her Simple Quirks says:

      you really should ,its amazing 🙂

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  2. This is such a gorgeous MSF powder! I need to get my hands on it ❤

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