FaceTheory:SkinCare That’s Personal

Hey loves,I hope you are all well and blessed .i’m back with another post and today’s post is all about skincare,undoubtedly and shamefully I Am obsessed with having “perfect”,”flawless”,”blemish free” skin – other adjectives are available.
I was recently on the hunt for a face mask that contains glycolic acid-which is absolute magic on my skin,well realistically speaking.
I then came across a brand called FaceTheory ,as a desperate product obsessed millennial,i clicked myself happily onto the site .

FIRST IMPRESSIONS OF THE SITE: I love the clean and crisp design of the webpage which also reflects in the products packing ,A+.
I also love how you are given the freedom to build a skincare routine that suites your needs and concerns ,of course relatively to the range of products offered on the site.shopping for skincare products can be a daunting and overwhelming task especially when you are constantly bombarded with product placements on your news feed,so thank you face theory.

“We help you build a uniquely personal skincare routine from formulations which are designed and crafted to work beautifully together. Just take our questionnaire, customize your face cloth, cleanser and moisturiser and experience the difference that personal skincare can make to your skin.”-FaceTheory.

Here’s a quick background on my skin: oily / combination,hyperpigmented with an occasional breakout here and there .

HOW I BUILT MY ROUTINE :My Age + Gender+Skin Complexion+Skin type+Skin concerns+Skincare habits in preference to scented or unscented products.
1)Clarifying cleanser.
2)Exfoliating cleanser.
3) Regenerating moisturiser.
4) Regenecalm serum.


(Glycolic acid 4%,Salicylic acid 2% and Lactic acid)
The C2 cleanser is a specially formulated cream cleanser that tackles excess oils that clog the skin.it contains AHA/BHA ‘s that cleanse the skin and gently removes makeup and impurities .
So far I like this cleanser compared to my La Roche Posay clarifying gel cleanser ,it leaves my skin feeling soft and moisturised which is refreshing,products geared towards oily skin tend to usually leave the skin feeling dry and patchy .
I must admit,I have not used the cleanser directly onto a full face of makeup,mainly because of my makeup removal routine,none the less it does an amazing job.


(Glycolic acid 2%,Salicylic acid 1% and natural pumice stones )
Before i go into detail, I recommend that you do not use an exfoliant everyday ,once or twice a week is sufficient .using an exfoliator excessively can cause irritation and damage to the skin,although these products contain low percentages of AHA/BHA’s,please take caution.

This cream exfoliating cleanser contains glycolic ,salicylic acid and willow bark extracts,in addition to that it also contains some HOLY GRAIL essential oils such as coconut,sweet almond,walnut and citrus oils ,making this product gentle and soothing on the skin,allowing for a clean and soft finish.
(Vitamin c,Hyaluronic acid,Retinol,Collagen,Shea butter and Argan oil )

Although the M4 moisturizer claims to be age defying,i am not opposed to it ,i might be young but when anything that will help me prevent wrinkles comes my way,i never shy away.I think it’s a good preventative practice .
Having used the moisturiser I find that it gives the right amount of hydration and does not get oily throughout the day ,which is a bonus.
my only concern is that I have a few spots on my cheek that were not there before,pray for me ya’ll .

m4-unscented-front_grandeREGENACALM SERUM
(Regenacalm 2% Retinol and Vitamin C serum with dill,liquorice extract and Hyaluronic Acid)
Shout out to JACKIE AINA for putting me on to serums,i recently incorporated serums into my night time routine for extra hydration and I am obsessed.
The regenecalm serum is an intensive treatment with liquorice,dill ,retinol and vitamin c suitable for all skin types and can be on fine lines,wrinkles,blemishes,redness and hyperpigmentation.
Much like the moisturiser the serum is very lightweight and non-greasy,allowing for quick absorption into the skin.
so far I have not seen a difference in my skin,I will definitely give an update on this as well as on the other products .

Thank you so much for checking out my blog and I will definitely be back with a two week update on this skin care routine .
have you tried facetheory?did you love it?did you hate? please share your experience below :).
*the prices reflected are accurate as at the time of purchase*
Love Zee.

The amazing people at facetheory are offering a 25% discount on your first purchase http://facetheorycom.refr.cc/P5MSDVS



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