WHAT IS #ReadNLeave?

Hello loves,today I will be sharing a very inspirational, and much needed creative movement called #ReadNLeave .

ReadNLeave is created by a 20 year architecture student called Mouad Elouardassi. Truthfully speaking I’m not the best person to explain the concept to you,let’s allow Mouad to enlighten us :
What is #ReadNLeave
What is Random book?
Random book aim at making us understand that with sharing knowledge, no matter how small it is, you help in one way or another in improving people’s minds and, consequently, improving our country.
The whole idea is to give from your knowledge, not from what you have in your pocket or your bank account, and by that, I don’t mean money.

” Reading can seriously damage people’s ignorance.”,-Mouad Ouardassi
Who can participate?
Anyone can participate, as long as you have what it takes, which means : a brain.

How to participate?
Bring all of your dusty books on your shelf, next to old useless things, or under your pillow (which is a very weird place to keep a book), and I’ll be putting them on random places, with any message you want to send to the reader.

I will be putting books in random places! Isn’t that great ?

Please like and share this post on your newsfeeds,help get the movement going.
Stay awesome ,Stay blessed and remember let’s sauce together ……..

Love Zee


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