Patches By Amy.

Hello loves ,I hope you are all well and are having a blessed week.

Todays blog post is going to be different from the norm,firstly ,I am doing my first ever blog collaboration with Tasha Myzece,secondly ,today’s post fringes on everything I love ,a young lady using her skills ,intellect and talent as she expresses her creativity through fashion,unifying western styles with an african touch.

Patches By Amy is (PBA) is a start-up Clothing Line Business that sells fashionable clothing to young women and men.

Gabriella Amy Malonda.

Gabriella Amy Malonda is a 22 year old Zambian female studying Business Administration at Wuhan University.
she first studied photography at Jonathan Andrew school of Photography in South Africa for 6months then worked at Ground Zero for 2-3years, she then proceeded to China where she has built her own clothing brand PBA-Patches By Amy which is an infusion African and Western Styles .
In as much as she has been getting international recognition it would be noble to celebrate an exceptional Zambian youth who is venturing to make it both internationally and locally .

images and designs by PBA.

Tasha had the exciting opportunity to interview Gabriella ,giving insight into her inspirations ,favourite designers ,hidden talents and so much more. Have a read below and most importantly ENJOY!!! 🙂


Tasha: what made you venture into designing?
Gabriella: My love for art and creativity. Everything to me is almost some form of art it just depends on how you see it.

Tasha:what inspires you?
Gabriella:I’m my own inspiration and Dj Zinhle, Bonang Matheba, Chizo Designs and Olivier Rousteing ( Balmain) .
Tasha:how would you describe your style?
Gabriella:Unique and Simple.
Tasha:favourite designer?
Gabriella:Alexander Wang and David Tlale.
Tasha:what is the difference between tailoring and designing?
Gabriella:A tailor is a person who makes, repairs, alters clothing professionally. A fashion designer is a professional who applies the rules of design and aesthetics to a particular product, majorly apparel and accessories. A fashion designer probably may have never stitched a single garment in his/her life.
Tasha:how do you deal with the fact that there is no copyright policy when it comes to copying designs?
Gabriella :Fashion is freedom of expression, everyone makes the same clothes with a different touch anyway it’s not a big deal to me, I see it more as of being an inspiration to others. You cannot compete where you can’t compare.
Tasha:if you had a superpower what would it be?
Gabriella:Save children’s lives, they are the future. I want to be a lifesaver.
Tasha: favourite food?
Gabriella:Seafood .
Tasha:any hidden talents?
Gabriella:Not really sure,I’m a jack of all trades.
Tasha:which celebrity would you want to go on a date with, both local and international?
Gabriella:Local would be Th33 Brizz and international would be Kanye West !.
Alright loves ,I hope you enjoyed today’s post as much as I did  ,thank you so much Gabriella for the opportunity to showcase Patches By Amy today.
Be sure to like the PBA  facebook page and other social media platforms to see more of the #PBAKULTURED designs.

                                   All rights to images are reserved by Patches By Amy.

Stay blessed,
Love Zee,




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  1. Marian says:

    Great post,we have so much talent in Zambia ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Her Simple Quirks says:

      indeed we do Marian,it is amazing and inspiring


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