Hello Loves !!! Welcome Back!💜

Listen, I won’t go into an excuse making session about how life is stressful as a struggling millennial, we’ll save that for another time😅.

In all realness, your favorite sis👧🏾 took a much-needed break and potentially had the longest creative block of all time but I won’t be hard on myself I am only a “human bean”😂.


I an attempt to offset that, here’s a quick Vlog to let you know that I am still here🎬📷.

Vlog 5: Hotel Rambles

Enjoy !!!
Love, C’awanzi💜

Published by

Her Simple Quirks

welcome to my blog! My name is Zee, a girl with a passion for Christ,makeup,skin care and creating fleeky outfits on a budget #student-life. I hope that you will enjoy my posts and find your muse #MagicalBlackGirl. Be sure to follow my socials,let’s connect and sauce together. “Passion is the genesis of genius” ZEE XoXo.

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