A Motivation List…

Hey Lovelies, I hope you are all well and are blessed by the time this post reaches you.

So, I have recently been reading Naming My Voice‘s blog and she does this amazing thing where she writes lists of what she has done, what has happened or what she is going to do, simple, yes, but still very inspiring.

These days we often like to complicate things and we forget that there is much more substance in simplicity.

With that being said I will be sharing a list of things that will hopefully help you and myself stay motivated.

❤ Good vibes Only….

Make clear and concise goals, then remind yourself of them.

A mixture of short- and long-term goals is ideal, variety is important when it comes to these sort of things. Remember to keep your goals realistic, that way you will not be disheartened if you don’t reach them. That doesn’t mean you can’t push and challenge yourself though, if you don’t challenge yourself, then it’s not really a goal. Keep track of your goals and check your progress, this helps you stay motivated on a day to day basis.

Check your mic…

By this I mean make sure you are keeping up with their goals if you want to stay motivated. If you see that you are on track or even excelling every time you check your progress, you will be motivated and happy that you are getting there. If you see that you are lagging on your goals, get into first gear, get that clutch to bite, set your revs and get back on the road to continue your journey. ( i drive a manual car lol can you tell )

Reward yourself just because…

Honey! you’re putting in the much-needed effort, you deserve a reward, it’s not easy being you, sis !!. This could be as simple as a bowl of ice cream after a long hard week, watching your favorite series, having that extra slice of pizza, beating your face to the gawds – I am talking about makeup, don’t be alarmed lol. Whatever rewards will keep you going are the ones you should be giving yourself.

I Am Tired

Sometimes even the most determined people get overwhelmed. Don’t burn yourself out, take a much-needed break this might be just what you need. If it is a fitness goal, maybe take a three- or four-day rest instead of your normal one- or two-day rest. If it is at work, school, university, you are a superwoman /man please don’t try to do all your work in one sitting, stretch it out over the course of the day or week, if possible. Refresh yourself.

❤ Don’t be hard on yourself…

Everyone falls short sometimes. If you fail to meet your goals for the week, take it as a lesson. Try to complete your next target before time, so that you can use the saved time to complete the pending work. This way you stay right on schedule even if you have taken a hit. It’s not always about how hard you hit, but how well you can take a hard hit and keep moving on. Don’t dwell on failure; just accept it as a human occurrence, and continue working towards your goals.

❤ Pray Pray Pray Pray…

As you all know I am a Christian, my faith in God is my lifeline in all matters of my life. If you are of not any faith I encourage you to meditate, allow the little voice in your head to calm your spirit. we often mistake that voice for ourselves but that is the Holy spirit- believe it or not, he speaks for us when we cannot, he reassures and guides always.

I am sure there is a lot more you do to keep yourself motivated and I would love to read what you have to say in the comments.

Until next time,

Love C’awanzi XoXo



Hey Loves, I do apologize for the rather dramatic introduction into this blog post but it got your attention so I must be doing something right. Lest I forget, I hope you are well and blessed by the time this post reaches you.

As you may have guessed, I have another vlog for you on my channel. In this vlog, I take you along with me on a typically exciting day at uni – the sarcasm lol but nevertheless please support your girl by heading over to my channel:

I am also going through a creative block at the moment, so, please help me out by telling me what kind of content you would like to see from me, your feedback is highly appreciated.

Remember to always be BOLD & BEAUTIFUL 

Thank you for reading,

C’awanzi XoXo.

Zambian Naturals

Hello loves ,
yes ,yes ,yes I know I have been gone for a while , wait !! before you start rolling your eyes or giving me the side eye girl hear me out  lol its all with good reason I promise, be rest assured it’s summertime and im back with exciting content for you all.

Okay! back to the usual order of business,today is an appreciation post . Today I appreciate and say thank you ZambianNaturals on instagram.

Zambian naturals is a page that celebrates the essence of being who we are ,unapologetically .From the teeniest T.W.A’s. to the most vivacious afros, they cater to everyone <3, providing you with natural hair  inspo and healthy tips of how to care for your beautiful mane.
I love this page for its quintessential cause ,so like very internet loving millennial,I liked their page to show support and ended up being their 500th follower – Yeyyy !!! and I  was fortunate enough to receive a prize.
SO!! girl what did you win, I won a leave in conditioner from the #ORS Monoi oil line ,which i’m hella excited to try – might I add my partner is excited too lol


To close ,I want to say another huge thank you to Zambian Naturals ,I wish you nothing but blessings and success. This is not about receiving a prize,this is about the sheer of act of kindness and courteousness from you to the people who support page,that will undoubtedly take you far in your journey.

love Zee.

Welcome To My Channel !

Hello loves! how are you all doing,I hope you are all well and blessed :).

I know ,I know, I have been M.I.A for a while,mainly because I have been mustering the courage to do what I am going to tell you about and well, let’s not forget about that course work but none the less ,I AM SO EXCITED !!!! to share this news with you.

I finally started my youtube channel !YAY! like I said I would here: 20 FACTS ABOUT ME TAG

I won’t lie ,getting to this point has been very nerve wrecking, all glory to God he has seen me through and is with me every step of the way.

I want to create great content for guys,push my creativity and most importantly actively chase my dreams moving forward 🙂

#2k17 #baddie #fius

Please be a doll share,subscribe,comment and all that good stuff,I really appreciate your love and support.


Zee XoXo


Vanilla+Coffee+Textured nail polish= These are a few of my favourite things.

I have really enjoyed using black opium from @ysl in these colder months, I can’t get enough of its electrifying black coffee, cedarwood and patchouli notes-staples of the Oriental floral gourmand family.

Textured nail polish : @newlook pure colour collection .
Color : Indigo.